About me

Валерий Мишучков
Let’s get acquainted!

I am Valery Mishuchkov, the founder of the VALMI.PRO project. Below is my biography:

I graduated from MPEI (Moscow Power Engineering Institute) with a degree in electrical drive and automation of industrial plants. This specialty largely includes programming, which came in handy for my further work.

I made the first website for my company, which dealt with computer repair and maintenance. Within a short time, the site was in the top 3 search engines for the most competitive queries and became a reliable source of customers. Yes, back in the days when everyone was still advertising in paper magazines and directories the old-fashioned way, it was already clear that websites were the future.

Developed together with the my company’s programmers the first self-written online store, which soon began to bring 15-20 orders per day. The assortment – more than 25 thousand items, computer equipment and accessories. The store as a matter of fact was an aggregator of goods from warehouses of wholesale suppliers. Daily their databases of goods were loaded in the store, and minimal price was chosen for goods, that were in stock at several suppliers, for which retail margin was set for each type of goods. This allowed for very attractive prices, so sales increased.

Started working with clients as a web studio. A large number of projects have been completed, which used a variety of CMS. In parallel, the work of the online store and computer service continued. At the time, this produced a synergy effect, as clients of the computer service were also ordering websites and vice versa.

Full transition to the work of a web studio. By this point I came to the conclusion that this is the most interesting, creative and cost-effective area of work for me. The main trend in my work was SEO-promotion, at that time it was already important not only the link mass, but also the quality of the content to achieve good positions for the site.

I managed to completely change my approach to work by giving up the office. From now on it is personal meetings with clients when discussing projects. Collaboration without face-to-face meetings with co-executors all over the world. Reduced costs and a more flexible staffing approach made the web studio much more competitive.

Completely switched to online work. Many years of experience working with clients to discuss projects has shown that the most effective discussions were in correspondence via email and other means of communication. In these cases, the consistency of project discussion is preserved, it is possible to clarify each point of the terms of reference, to accompany examples of variants of execution in the form of screenshots and links. As a result it was possible to increase productivity, saving about 20% of working time.

Limiting my specialization. WordPress was chosen as the main CMS on which I make my sites because of its flexibility, ease of mastering for clients, and the presence of a huge number of ready-made plugins for all occasions. Finally, in developing the site, you can think at once about marketing, positioning a product or service, and not about the technical ways of implementation. And that means making user-friendly and high-conversion sites.
At the same time, in terms of promotion instead of SEO I focused on contextual and targeting advertising, which allows you to immediately get guaranteed customers, while the SEO algorithms of search engines have become much more complicated, and it has become difficult to give any guarantees.

Expanded the geography of my work. Now I make sites in Spanish and English. Although, if I have a translation, it is not difficult to make them in other languages, of course.
Observing sites made for a long time, I began to focus on the support of sites. In order for the site to continue to serve your business and make a profit, you need to do at least minimally its support. This updates, acceleration, server tuning, technical audit and bug fixing.