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The development of an online store consists of steps:

  1. Marketing research. Analysis of the market of online stores in this segment by various criteria: by functionality; by design. Hence the formation of points of the Terms of Reference (TOR), what is worth borrowing, and what can be done better.
  2. Discussion and formation of the section of the ToR concerning functionality. Catalog structure, availability of filters and parametric search, data exchange, integration of online payment system and much more.
  3. Discussing design and usability and forming a section of the TOR for frontend development.

Steps of the online store development

Project discussion

website discussionWe discuss the requirements for the site and the allowable budget, as a result we find the golden mean and estimate the cost of the main stage of work. As a rule, in any industry there are already successful examples of competitors’ sites, which are worth studying not only as an example to follow, but also as a reference point, how to stand out for the better among them.

Prototyping or choosing a design template

website sketchWe needo to figure out how the site should look like. It’s possible to make a completely unique design, in this case first we make a prototype of the site. Optionaly, you can choose a ready-made design template and adapt it to your needs. The best way is to use all the advantages of a flexibly customizable template and to make some original design elements.

Creating a Terms of Reference

website sketchAt this stage we fix the amount of work, all the most important things that the site should have and that requires time to develop: the structure of the site, special page templates, application forms, whether you need to pay online, the original design elements, calculator, photo gallery, etc.

Design, layout, functional development

website sketchWe combine all of these steps into one process: most standard site elements can be deployed immediately, and markup, fonts, and colors are quickly customized. Non-standard design elements are developed from scratch, such as original buttons, blocks, and animations. At the intermediate stage, when there is already something to show, we upload the site to the Internet at a temporary address. From this moment, the customer can observe the development process and express his wishes.

Content filling and testing

website sketchAt last step we add the content, move the site to hosting, link to the domain, configure the server, install counters, do integration with third-party services. Together with the customer we test the site for errors, which can be promptly removed under warranty. In the future we can offer content, technical support, website promotion and contextual advertising.

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