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Website Creation

The website is still one of the most important marketing tools in customer acquisition technology. Even if you focus on social media promotion, in many cases their tools are not sufficient to provide information to a potential client in a structured way. As a result, customers come unprepared from social media, and in the case of a typical application, this increases the transaction costs per customer. For example – you have to answer the same questions for everyone. Customers who come from the site, usually more prepared, they are already familiar with the services, prices, and specify their choice.

In order for the site to give good conversions when transitioning from social networks, it must be well optimized for mobile devices. According to statistics, about 50% of conversions to sites are from a smartphone.


Website Promotion

It is a set of measures to attract a target audience to a website. Promotion includes:

  • SEO promotion. The site appears in the first search results in Yandex, Google, Bing and other search engines for selected keyword phrases. We get clients who search themselves, they know what they want. Also, we get varied and free traffic, which is determined by the content of the site. The more unique the information on the site, the easier it is to attract this traffic.
  • Contextual advertising. This also works with search phrases, but here every link to the site is paid for, and bids per click are generated dynamically according to the principle of an auction. Many people think that this type of advertising simply eats up money and do not take the risk of running it. It’s all about carefully setting up the campaign.
  • Targeted advertising on the Google Contextual Media Network (CMN, Google Display Network) and the Yandex Advertising Network (RSS). It allows you to show media ads to a precisely segmented audience. This is a good way to reach customers who do not use search and to remind those who have visited the site before.


In order to increase the effectiveness of advertising, reduce the cost of attracted customers, reduce bounce rates, and make the site more user-friendly, a usability audit and analysis of visitor behaviour is required.

  • Analysis of competitors – their websites and promotion strategies, demand, prices.
  • Analysis of the usability of the site. Many factors influence the user’s choice – the speed of loading the site, the convenience of displaying information, the number of fields to fill in the order form and even the color of the order button.
  • Behavioral analysis. With the help of such tools as Yandex Metrika and Google Analytics we can study in detail the actions of users on the site, make conclusions and make the necessary changes to the site.


  • Technical support for sites using WordPress: solving display problems, slow loading, compatibility of versions. Making simple changes to the functionality of the site. Hosting, domains, accounts.
  • Work with content. Filling the site: texts, photos, videos.
  • SEO-support. Monitoring the positions and errors of the site in the webmaster panel, troubleshooting indexing pages.

Working with all kinds of content

  • Video editing for YouTube
  • Photo processing
  • Creating logos and favicons
  • Copywriting, writing unique and selling texts for the site